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January 2013

I Am a Big Loser
surrounded by freaks and idiots

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fringe finale

OK, here are some rambling thoughts....

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Wow it's been so long since I made a post that I don't know what's going on! The update page is different! My profile page is different! WHAT IS HAPPENING AGH.

Anyway, I was going to post about the Fringe finale, but the internet is kind of harshing my buzz (what else is new), so I'm putting this here as a guilt trip to myself to actually write something in a bit. Hopefully it will work?

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Be there or get slapped.

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aaaaah, i need to talk...

....about the flawless pairing known as Dair for a moment. For the 2 or 3 of you who will read this. ;) Basically there are SO MANY SPOILERS out there so I wanted to put together everything we know so far, mainly so I can get a consensus that this "triangle" does indeed end Dan/Blair.

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Dan and Blair thank you for your time.

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mad men!

My Mad Men squee cannot be contained in 140 characters. So some longer thoughts under the cut. Bisou Bisou.Collapse )

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Just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I really enjoyed reading all your different opinions and discussing with you. I think I needed that. :)

I've been wanting to write about other things, for example, The Walking Dead, but since the season finale is tomorrow it seems to make more sense to wait for that at this point!

Going to a "vintage fashion expo" with snacktime tomorrow...hoping it will be fun. Maybe we can buy outfits for her upcoming Mad Men premiere party, ha ha.

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crossing the streams

I've been making occasionally bitchy comments on Twitter, but I'm feeling the need to talk in a bit more depth about this whole Fifty Shades of Gray debacle.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, long story short: girl writes popular AU Twilight fic with BDSM, decides to change the names and self-publish it as a trilogy, it sells a ton of copies, so much that it hits the NYT bestseller list, and Random House decides to buy the books for a ton of money. Women across America are discovering the world of dirty fanfic, but stupidly paying for it instead of getting it free on the internet.

(I also found out through Fandom Wank that this was pretty much this chick's plan all along, to try to make as much bank as possible.)

So what do we think about this? To my mind, the first Rule of Fanfic is Don't Sell Fanfic. And while it bothers me that she did this in the first place, does it bother me more that she is making a shitton of money off of it? Am I just mad at myself for being too ethical to do it myself? LOL. Am I mostly pissed that it's a truly shitty piece of fanfic? *g*

Seriously, though, what really bothers me is that now publishing is turning its eye to fic, for example the site Dear Author is doing a whole series on it, and I just feel that can't be a good thing. We could have more authors coming down on anyone who writes fic about their stuff, hell, we could even have TV/movie studios looking more closely at everything to make sure no one is making any money off of their intellectual property. I'm sure that most fanfic writers have dreams of just filing the serial numbers off their fics and getting them published (and let's be clear, authors before Snowdragon Icequeen or whatever her name is have done it), but in general, my philosophy is Don't Cross the Streams.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

ETA: because I wasn't clear -- I have NO ISSUES with someone taking a fanfic of theirs and completely reworking it to try to sell it. I do have an issue with this book being 89% the same as her original fic.

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I love this piece from Vulture on what makes Mad Men great. It's not surprising that I love it, since it sums up why I watch a lot of shows. And why I don't understand when other people complain that "nothing is happening" when I am content to just sit and watch humanity unfold.

It's not the way to watch TV for everyone, but it is for me. :)

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a little more...

First of all, I screwed up my Tumblr address in my last post, it's dianora2.tumblr.com. D'oh!

Just to follow up on what was a bombshell for some of you...I moved last September to the San Francisco Bay Area. I work in San Francisco, live in Berkeley. It's not something I ever dreamed I would do, but I was offered a job opportunity/life experience that I didn't feel I could turn down. It's been a huge adjustment. I love my job but everything else has been a bit tough. Not just because I miss my friends/family/home city, but also because you're so spoiled in NYC -- you basically reach out your hand for whatever you need and it's handed to you. Everyplace else is just...less convenient. ;) But I'm trying!

So many of my fave shows are on hiatus right now but that's probably a good thing so I can catch up on everything else on my DVR. Did anyone else check out "Awake?" I liked it but am skeptical as to how they can sustain it for a full season. And it's annoying that they're making Jason Isaacs do an American accent.

I miss my Fringe, and will probably have some thinky thoughts on that later. Just trying to get back in the swing of actually posting on here for now. I guess I will share occasional Gossip Girl thoughts since it seems like there are a few other Dair fans out there. :)

OMG, speaking of which, you have to check out this wallpaper in which the artist references Cary Grant and spells it CARRIE. WTF, YOU GUYS. http://pics.livejournal.com/personaleclipse/pic/001trdxc

Anyway. The plus side is the the end of March/early April will be an embarrassment of riches -- not just hiatus shows returning, but the return of shows that have REALLY been on hiatus, like Mad Men and Game of Thrones. And the Hunger Games movie, which hopefully won't suck.

OK, will hopefully post something of more substance later.

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If I were to start posting here again, would anyone read it? LOL.

(Does everyone reading this know I live in California now? Geez, it has been a long time.)

I have a tumblr now too, btw: dianora2.tumblr.com.

But it's mostly about this right now:

Because I am obsessed.

But I've been in the mood for some various TV ramblings, so watch this space....

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